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Glenolden Security Fencing

Used by commercial properties as well as residential homes, security fences have been deemed necessary, especially in keeping burglars away. With the intensified demand for security due to the many untoward events happening around the globe, many have already considered installing security fencing around their properties for protection.

In Glenolden, GC Fence is one of the most trusted providers of fencing services not only because of the proven experience that we have but because of the competence that our fencers assure our clients with.

We take every fencing job seriously because we know every client we serve is serious about their protection and security needs. The truth about security fencing is that it requires special additions that are necessary to improve the functionality of the fence itself.

Some additions include razor wires, barbed wires, and alarm systems. Others are embedded with electrically charged wires that transpose sudden shock around the whole fence when danger is assumed. Other security fences are armed with complete camera systems and motion sensors. The more complicated the features are, the pricier the fences.

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Materials Most Commonly Used in Security Fencing in Glenolden

chain link privacy fenceGiven the function that security fences are expected to perform, sturdy materials must be used to install them.


This material is used most commonly used not just because of its sturdiness but because it is also considered aesthetically pleasing. Wooden or timber fencing for security fences is deemed to be affordable. Depending on the client’s requirements, a timber fencing could take different forms of either close board wooden fence or log wailing. For privacy and better aesthetic effect, more often adapt a close board wooden fence. Other forms of wooden timber fencing also include acoustic fencing and knee-rail fencing, which are added features into the whole fence if the client requires it.

Wooden hoarding fence is also considered to be one of the most used types of security fencing in terms of protecting the surroundings of a building under construction. Formed with wooden posts that are set in a concrete base, outside intruders are kept away from the area. While many may say that this form of wooden fencing is temporary, it can only be removed by machinery after the whole construction is over.

Welded Wire Mesh

If it is strength and permanency you are looking for, welded wire mesh fences may be the best option for you to consider. Besides being cost-efficient, fencers find welded wire mesh to be highly resistant to weather changes- therefore resulting in a much lesser rate of expenses dedicated to maintenance. Through prefabrication, the welded mesh is designed to withstand different pressures of its function for security and protection. To establish dimensional control on the wire mesh for accurate spacing, a machine is used to create the parallel longitudinal wire. This process makes the whole procedure to build the fence more cost-effective.

Metal Railing

A metal railing or iron railing are noted for their sturdiness and malleability, making them easier to be formed into aesthetic designs. Classic homes are notably characterized by metal railings that are designed with specific details.
Security features are also available for installation alongside the creation of metal railing fences. Some opt to place security cameras around a protected site to increase the protection that the fence provides. Others choose an aesthetic design that has pointed tops to avoid the entrant of intruders.

Chain-Link Fences

Considered as one of the most common materials used in creating fences, chain-link security fences are often added with specific designs such as barbed wiring at the top of the setup and electric charges around the fence. Considerably, for cost-efficiency reasons, chain-link is often used to created protective security fences around large areas.

Important Characteristics of Security Fences

Coated chain link fenceGlenolden is known for its rich and diverse culture among its residents. It cannot be denied that being protected from any particular disturbance in the peace that the state enjoys, creating fences protecting one’s properties, has been deemed to be an essential part of community development. Part of the diverse nature that Glenolden is known for, it is also noted to go through different weather adjustments through time.

For most of the year, the state experiences a hot and humid climate. As the colder climate comes in, the state has been recorded to receive up to 250 centimeters of snow throughout winter. Because of this fact, installed fences for protection must be sturdy enough to withstand the climate conditions in the area. Fencers at GC Fence know what the residents of Glenolden need and require from the fences that they have installed around properties they intend to protect.

In installing security fences, GC Fence makes sure that these considerations are given direct attention to:


The height of a security fence should be just enough to provide it the functionality it is expected to perform. Depending on what or who is being kept away from the property, the height ought to be in parallel with such demand.

Strength and Sturdiness

Its links and its bases determine the strength of each fence. Installation of security fences requires that such sturdiness is assured not only for the sake of the protection it is supposed to function but also for the balance that needs to be considered in terms of keeping the maintenance cost at a practical level of value.


The scale of the fence in par with the capacity of it to be climbed by intruders is noted as the fence’s scalability rate. This is the reason why there are clients who find it necessary to add in anti-climb spikes at the top of the whole fencing setup.

Lethal Appeal

People need to know that the fence is equipped with security features. To achieve this, fencers create a lethal look based on the design the client wants to achieve. The most common option for this to be achieved is to put up signage of the fence being highly charged with electricity- therefore sending a warning to everyone passing by.

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