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Increase your home’s curb appeal, add a layer of privacy, and improve your home or business defense systems with attractive custom fences by Upper Darby fence company, GC Fence!

Cape cod style vinyl picket fence

Fencing delivers many benefits to your home and property, from being an attractive finishing touch to increasing your home security and protecting your most valuable asset- your family. From keeping your kids in, to keeping intruders out, we provide a variety of fencing options, allowing us to deliver the ideal fence to best meet your specific purposes and goals.

While the style of fencing that you select for your home is important, equally important is the fencing company you select to complete your fence project. A professional fence company, like us, handles your custom project from the initial consultation through to measuring, planning, quoting, product ordering, and professional fence installation.

For attractive residential fences and effective commercial fencing, wood privacy fences, vinyl picket fences, custom rail fences, or even if you aren’t sure exactly what fence material and style will best suit your home, property, and needs, our fencing company experts are ready to consult with and deliver for you!

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Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Needs

Selecting and installing the perfect fence for your home and needs requires taking a few elements into consideration.

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First, we assess the physical space you are wishing to enclose during our on-site consultation. This allows us to accurately quote your fence project and helps us to make smart recommendations regarding fence type, design, placement, and materials.

We provide many custom fence options that truly make your fence unique to your home and property. We offer dog-ear finishes for privacy fences, board-on-board and shadowbox styles, high-low fence transitions, gates, and lattice or other custom elements for a unique, functional, and attractive finish. We assist with choosing between fence types and designs and provide examples of past fence project work for ideas and inspiration.

Our custom fence designers are excited to discuss your fence goals and desires. Many HOA’s and neighborhoods have specific guidelines regarding fencing styles and placement. We deliver a custom fence solution that perfectly meets your needs while still meeting those guidelines.

Popular Fencing Materials

You will need to to consider both the placement and type of fence you would like for your home, property, or business, as well as the fencing material that is best for you.

custom vinyl fence installation

Your fencing material would depend on a couple of factors including the type of fence you desire, the aesthetic you want, the environment of your property, etc. An established fence company’s options for fencing materials typically include wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and iron. Wood fences, with their rustic charm and homey feel, are among the most popular for homes. Vinyl has become quite in-demand because of its durable, low-maintenance, and versatile features. Aluminum is a go-to choice for people who want the regal, classic look of wrought iron, but want to have it low-cost and low-maintenance.

Here at GC Fence, we make sure that we keep a full stock of popular high-quality fencing materials. This allows us to address our clients’ fencing installation and repair needs promptly and effectively. Should there be a need to custom-craft fences and fencing elements, we can do that for you, too!

Our team of fence experts are ready to show you the different fencing materials we offer, some samples of them, and even their pros and cons. We make sure that you get the perfect fencing materials that best suit your unique fencing needs.

Professional Fence Installation Company

Fence Company Award

Picking out the perfect fence type and getting the best fencing materials are just a portion of the entire process. You’re going to need to get the best quality installation you can get if you want your fence system to last a long time and stand against the everyday outdoor elements.

GC Fence is a full-service fence company, which means that we don’t just deliver the fence to you. We are fully equipped with the tools, team, and technique to install the entire fence to your property, too. Our talented team of local fencing experts make sure that your project is handled with precision, skill, and with an eye toward durability, allowing you to be confident you have a lasting product.

As a Pennsylvania COSTARS supplier, we are eligible to assist with government jobs, so you can feel confident that you are working with a company that maintains a high standard of product and customer satisfaction.Pennsylvania COSTARS Fence Company

Our goal is client satisfaction, and one of the ways we do this is by making sure your fence is installed carefully, properly, and promptly. You deserve the best we can offer, which is why we offer superior materials, tried-and-tested processes, and over 25 years’ worth of experience in the fencing industry.
custom aluminum fence

Professional fence installation is a complicated matter. It’s more than just digging holes in the ground, sticking a post in them, and making sure the fence looks good.

It involves understanding property lines, terrain, climate, drainage, and other factors that could affect the placement of your fence system. GC Fence and our team of fence installation experts see to it that we give you layout recommendations that meet your needs, fit in your budget, and avoid potential issues neighboring properties.

We’ve been a Upper Darby, PA fence company for quite some time now and over time we’ve learned just important the details are. If you’re looking for fencing services that are meticulous, careful, and high-quality, GC Fence is the place to go.

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GC Fence is a full-service fencing company here in Upper Darby, and we’re proud of the quality of work that we deliver. We are passionate about giving homes and businesses the safety, security, privacy, and visual appeal that they deserve, and we do this by delivering excellent fence products and services. Whether you’re looking for a wooden picket fence, a vinyl privacy fence, a chain-link fence, or an aluminum fence, GC Fence has what you need and we can give it to you at the most reasonable price.

We are excited to be your Upper Darby provider for all your fencing needs!

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