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Wallingford Commercial Fencing

Commercial fences are critical to the establishment of security measures that would protect the assets of a particular business. Depending on the type of business and business structure that is to be protected by the fence, several choice materials are understood to provide the needed security.

We at GC Fence provide a series of options for Wallingford businesses wanting to check the possibilities of finding the right type of fence that they could use for the protection and security of their properties.

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Based on experience, here are some of the most common types of commercial fencing that GC Fence have built and installed:

Chain Link

Chain Link Fence InstallationThe chain-link fence is also known as wire-netting. Usually woven in a diamond shape, wire-nets are used in commercial facilities where the fence simply serves as a needed marker for the territorial mark of the property. Using chain-link fences offers a much open visual from the outside to the inside backyard of the property and vice versa, making it easier to take notice of suspicious actions from passers-by.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

This fence is the same as the wire-netting, but it does have a specific feature of being coated with vinyl to avoid rust and to add up to the general aesthetics of the facility.
Usually, vinyl coated chain link fences come in green, blue, black, white, green, and red colors.
The height choices for installing vinyl coated chain link fences often range between four ft to 10 ft depending on the function that it is supposed to perform for the protection of the property.

Slat Fences

Slat fences are considered to be among the most eco-friendly materials used in fencing. The usual material used on slat fences includes a mixture of wood and aluminum posts. Usually, the client is the one who decides whether the fence would be fashioned in either a vertical or a horizontal pattern. While vertical is often the most common choice, some modern commercial designs for fences now find horizontal fences, both effective and practical, for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Aluminum Ornamental Fences

Most commercial entities choosing ornamental fences recognize the beauty and sophistication that it adds to a property. It does serve as an alternative to iron because of its lower price range. Due to the natural characteristic of aluminum to be weather-resistant, maintaining an aluminum ornamental fence requires much less cost of expenses for maintenance

Wood Fences

Although wood fences are most often than not used in residential applications, they could also be used in commercial fences depending on the demand of the client. However, in commercial fencing, cedar is often used as a wooden material for setting up the fence. This is because cedar is more weather-proof than other types of wood. Nevertheless, maintaining a wooden commercial fence might be more costly compared to choosing other non-corrosive materials for fencing.

Solid Tongue or Groove Fence

Noted for its privacy, it provides property owners, solid tongue or groove fences are often found practical for business owners. Installation and maintenance of solid tongue fences are quite easy and convenient even in the long-run. But of course, these features require a certain price range that is much higher compared to the other materials listed herein.

Reasons to Put up a Commercial Fence around Your Business Property

Wallingford Commercial Fencing privacy fence segment optThere are many reasons why commercial entities should consider putting up fences around their properties. Among the top reasons for such consideration are as follows:

  • When a new commercial structure is being built
    As a structure is being built, it is essential to keep unauthorized personnel from the property. This is required not only for the safety of the workers but also to secure the materials being used for the construction, which are usually left within the site overnight.
  • When people are accessing business property beyond limits
    There are times when people in the community do not respect the boundaries of a business property, especially if they do not see the need to. Putting up a commercial fence certainly marks the territory of the business, therefore avoiding any nuisance from others in the community that does not have a business within the said property.
  • Restaurant backyards are being pestered with stray animals
    Restaurants are supposed to be clean in and out.
    Sometimes, even when restaurants establish an effective waste system right outside their backyard, stray animals may come in to make it harder for the restaurant management to clean up the mess.
    Not addressing this issue immediately may cause problems later on and could create a questionable reputation for the management when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness policies it adapts to.
  • Prevention of vandalism on properties
    When a property does not have any fence, its walls and its surroundings may become very attractive canvases for vandalism.
    Putting up a commercial fence around the property would surely help in reducing the need to remove vandalism over and over again and lower the cost of property maintenance as well.
  • Protecting high-end equipment within the company’s compound
    If your business uses high-end equipment for operation, it is just right to put up a commercial fence to protect them. Not only will this protect your property, but it shall also ensure that your equipment is free from being stolen overnight.

All in all, Wallingford, PA business owners must consider installing commercial fences to create a mark of limit among outsiders and to protect them, their workers, and other properties that are being used for business operations. True, for commercial structures, putting up a commercial fence is an investment that must be considered seriously.

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