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Delaware County Residential Fences

Fences serve a lot of benefits for your home and your family. The truth is, simple yet very functional fences characterize the classic American family home. Among the functions that these fences serve is to establish the protection and security of the property.

GC Fence Residential Fences Delaware County is among the top services providers in the field of fencing. The experience we have in fencing is what makes our services top of the line.

Besides the knowledge on fencing, we at GC Fence offer specific services that highlight the importance given to the demands of our clients. We understand that our clients have unique individuality, which makes it necessary for us to listen to their demands, especially in terms of functionality and aesthetics that their residential fences are supposed to serve.

We understand too that price is a specifically vital factor to consider when it comes to putting up fences. This is the reason why users need to talk things over with our clients and make sure that their budget fits well with their fencing demands and expectations.

GC Fence gives high importance to your money-value. Hiring fencers that have not yet proven their work capacities in the industry may not completely be beneficial for your family. At the same time, there are instances when security issues arise when it comes to working with fencers who are not known for their respect for their clients’ privacy and security.

Being in the business for 25 years, GC Fence certainly knows how to go around and about different issues and concerns that clients are most specifically concerned with. With the meticulous way by which the fencers of GC Fence attend to their duties, we assure every client of a perfectly designed and practically functional residential fence for the whole family once the job is done.

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Commonly Used Fence Materials

Delaware County Residential Fences aluminum picket fence segment optSeveral materials can be used to improve fencing functionalities. For this discussion, five of the most commonly used materials for fencing jobs include the following:


The metal’s low density and the capacity it has to resist corrosion, aluminum has been one of the most sought after materials for building fences. Its lightweight characteristic and durability make it also a malleable material that is easy to shape to support the aesthetic demands of the client. Besides being easy to use for both aesthetics and function, aluminum is also easy to maintain. It naturally resists weathering, which makes it a cost-efficient material in parallel to wrought iron as well as steel.


Wood could be used in different forms of fencing, may it be for residential or commercial. Given its classic features and its natural aesthetics, wood is assumed to be among the top choices to accomplish fencing jobs. While many will say that wooden fences require massive concentration on maintenance, it could be realized that different strategies could be applied to serve a reduced time and cost on maintaining wooden fences. Besides the use of specifically defined paints that would protect woods, certain wooden reinforcements are designed to improve the capacity of the wood to retain its strength for a much longer time, especially in creating residential fencing.


Noted for its strength and its durability Polyvinyl Chloride is considered as the third most widely manufactured and used plastic polymer for different reasons. In the same way, GC Fence finds PVC one of the perfect materials used for fencing.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is specifically manufactured to create aesthetically functional additions as fences or railings and gates in homes as well as in commercial structures. At GC Fence, wrought iron is specifically a favorite material for residential fencing, mainly for aesthetic design demands from clients. Decorative projects are mainly going to get as much given serious attention by fencers, especially as they identify with the needs of the clients to have correctly and uniquely designed functional fences.


Delaware County Residential Fences Baron Select Cedar Vinyl White 760x382 300x151Next to PVC, vinyl is considered as the second most widely manufactured type of synthetic material that is made from ethylene and chlorine. Considered as the infrastructure plastic, it is noted that 76% of vinyl is noted as infrastructure plastic. At GC Fence, vinyl is used as an alternative to plastic materials such as PVC, especially for those clients who prefer eco-friendly materials for their residential fences. Considering all these five primary materials that are mostly used by the GC Fence in providing top-notch residential fences for families in Delaware County, PA, you can surely choose which one to use for your fence based on price, availability of material, malleability and the aesthetic function of the fence to be put out to surround your home.

Delaware County Residential Fencing Demands

When in Delaware County and in search of a good fencing company that will give attention to your demands, GC Fence is ready to provide you with the service that you deserve. Focused on your budget, your design demands, and the quality of service that you are expecting, GC Fence promises nothing but the best in providing clients with top-of-the-line residential fencing services in the state of Delaware County.

Take Advantage of the Free Consultation from GC Fence

Delaware County Residential Fences gcfence logo optIf you are merely just planning to set up a residential fence for your family home, you might need some advice from the ones who know. We are offering free consultation services to those who are still in the process of deciding on whether or not they would consider putting up fences around their homes.

Consultations also help GC Fence and prospective clients to come to the point of agreement and understanding of what is needed and what fits the budget. Knowing your options before you even make a decision is critical, not only in protecting your values but also in making sure that you are going to end up with the residential fence that you have always wanted and expected to serve as protection for you and your family.

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